Holt International

Because every child deserves a home.

The love we experience as children enables us to thrive. It fuels us. Molds us. Nurtures our developing minds.

Holt International helps orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable children to thrive by finding families to love them. First with trained caretakers who assume the awesome task of nurturing children awaiting adoption.

Then with adoptive families who will love and nurture children… forever.

Moved by faith and a firm belief that all children deserve permanent, loving homes, Harry and Bertha Holt began their lifelong mission in 1955. Overcoming legal and cultural barriers, they sought families for children orphaned by the Korean War.

With this act of love, two farmers from rural Oregon revolutionized international adoption.

Today, Holt International strives to uphold their vision: to find loving homes for children regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender. And you can join them in their efforts.

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