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Tom Jackson is the leading Live Music Producer of artists’ tours, showcases and shows.
His passion is to develop an artist’s onstage skills and help them produce unique shows. His schedule is filled with artists from every genre of music, as well as comedians and speakers.

It’s true that “All Roads Lead to The Stage” because, as digital music has grown and the public is exposed to more artists, the live show has become more important than ever before. Bill Gates says “to be successful we will need both: high-tech and high-touch.” The web gives artists “high tech” opportunities to find an audience and create more places to perform; the live stage is the “high touch” opportunity that, if done correctly, will feed fan loyalty, career growth and longevity.

Audiences come to a show for 3 reasons:

  • To be captured and engaged.
  • To experience moments.
  • To experience change in their lives.

In order to help artists with their live shows, Tom Jackson Productions works in these areas:

Live Music Producing

Solo artists, bands, groups, and singer/songwriters have all benefited from Tom’s unique ability to illuminate, train and produce what is important onstage. To make this unique service available to all, and to meet the need for more one on-one work, read more…


Tom Jackson and Amy Wolter speak at seminars and workshops all over the world. In addition, Tom Jackson Productions produces and hosts workshops and seminars in the Nashville area, giving artists the opportunity for intensive work sessions with Tom and Amy Wolter. read more…

Tour Sponsorship

Tom Jackson Productions puts artists and organizations together to help underwrite touring costs, while bringing amazingly cost effective and efficient fund raising opportunities to non-profit organizations. read more…


Tom is continually creating new video and audio teaching programs for artists of every genre and experience level. Each of these programs contains the basics of Tom Jackson’s Live Music Methods, clearly presenting his concepts, instruction, and approach in a quality production. read more…

For more information on training and resources available for indie artists, see Tom’s website OnstageSuccess.com.

For more information on training and resources available for worship bands and worship artists, see Tom’s website ExpressiveWorship.net.